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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gettin' Rolling

I've taken the plunge and finally decided to make a blog.  I'm new to the concept, but I hope to keep friends, family, and sponsors up to date on my latest adventures. Please bare with me as I figure out this whole blogging deal.

Last Wednesday I officially concluded my 2012 cycling season.  Over the past few months I have competed in 46 track races and 25 road races across the country.  I took a three month hiatus to the Midwest to race Fixed Gear Classic (Blaine, MN) and Tour of America's Dairyland (WI).  Thoroughly exhaused I returned home to PA with a podium finish at the Sheboygan Crit and a 10th place omnium result.  I returned to the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in time to race the third World Series of Bicycling Friday night racing... which I subsequently won.  I was pleased to be back on my home track and I couldn't have asked for a better homecoming result!  I continued to race in PA, garnering my greatest amount of wins in a single season.  I won't bore you listing every race result of the summer but I had a great time training and racing the last few months. 

As of last week I said my goodbyes to my favorite place in the country- T-Town and moved down to my College Park, MD appartment to start my junior year field hockey preseason at the University of Maryland.  Luckily, we will be returning to PA on Friday for a scrimmage against Penn State.  I always love playing in PA- close to home, family and friends. :) 

Next thing on the calendar... 2 hockey training sessions tomorrow... first one starting in 8 hours.  Off to sleep so I can wake up ready to train!

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